In researching acne treatment, we had three major insights:
We found that a high number of people who have used Proactiv have had poor results as a result of not using the product correctly. 
We discovered that nobody who markets acne solutions actually shows acne. 
We also learned that everybody’s skin is different. That means everyone’s results are different. This campaign became all about changing the conversation to talk about faces in progress.
Out of this insight came two goals; normalize something that most people experience at some point in their life, and set realistic expectations about treating acne. 
We photographed people before, during, and after going through the acne facial series, which became the print campaign. Then we enlisted US World Soccer Champion Abby Dahlkemper, who suffers from acne, for a social campaign speaking directly to our audience about her struggles.
Then we teamed-up with Fallon, Minneapolis to film a TV spot featuring three young people dealing with acne.
Adam Feldpausch, concept, direction
Justin Wallace, photographer
Fallon, MN,  broadcast production
Ketchum, PR Agency
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