Fair Skies
In September of 2014, the FAA re-routed commercial aircraft to fly over the historic neighborhoods in downtown Phoenix, AZ. The previous flight path stretched over an industrial-zoned area, which didn't affect anybody. 
The new routes are a short-cut to save time and fuel costs, but are disrupting home owners by creating noise and air pollution and are having a negative impact on home values. This is a personal campaign to create awareness of a serious violation of rights and an abuse of power.
I created postcards to spread the message because I can hand them out and encourage neighbors to fill them out and express their frustration. Because they aren't concealed in an envelope, they can't be ignored as easily as email or letters as they land on desks. I distributed a thousand cards to the surrounding neighborhoods, and they were mailed to FAA administrators and Arizona legislators.
I also created a logo for the organization of neighborhoods to use in the effort to revert the flight paths to pre-September 2014 routes, "Phoenix Fair Skies".
On March 29, 2018 the City of Phoenix won the legal battle with the FAA, who had to re-route all commercial aircraft back to the original pre-September 2014 flight path.
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