Safety Campaign “Alright” - Online and Local TV
A few months into the pandemic I was tasked to create a campaign to promote our safety protocols and encourage people to return to the brand. I needed to communicate safety in an interesting way, and without triggering a mountain of legal disclaimers.
I found the music to say what we couldn’t legally claim; that it’s going to be alright.
When people need optimism and are tired of hearing “In these uncertain times”, they don’t need a dossier on what’s been cleaned, they just want to know that they can trust you. So I let the music do the talking and the footage show the safety measures. The opening shows a customer waiting for the “all-clear” as we see staff cleaning every surface area.
With severe limitations during the pandemic, I produced this with a small team under strict safety conditions. We handled styling, wardrobe, location scouting, enlisted in-house team for talent, and filmed and edited this spot within a few weeks. This was distributed on national social and local TV, the whole campaign encompassing a wide-reaching media buy.
The campaign was praised for telling Massage Envy’s commitment to safety story and providing a feeling of hope.
Adam Feldpausch, concept, direction
Justin Wallace, videographer
Jacob Smith, editor
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