Puppy Starter Kit
Retail book for new puppy parents
The objective was to create a package of offers to get a new puppy parent started on the right path. With a lot of information, pages of coupons, pockets for forms, some kind of enclosure, there were many problems to solve

The price and details needed to be on the cover, but I wanted to design a piece that would function as a reference that people would keep. To solve this, I designed a band that wrapped the cover which held the information, that would be removed upon opening to reveal tips to pet parents.
This slides off, and the book is held shut by a discreet velcro enclosure. This keeps the forms inside secure.
Puppy-parenting tips were created and placed throughout the book in a way that they would reveal themselves, such as underneath the cover band.
Shape cues help keep the eye moving throughout the piece.
The cover repeats on the back, with a different photo, so that if the book was placed on the shelf backwards, the cover would still face the front.
Supporting collateral includes web landing page, door cling and standee.
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