Reptile Mural
To illustrate different types of reptiles in one image, I merged three different environments and a day-to-night transition with a dynamic angular composition. This should move your eye across all of the animals, ending with the turtle.
The mural hangs in the best possible spot; I donated it to a Phoenix Public School: Herrera School for the Fine Arts & Dual Language. Presenting it to the students was a particularly special event to me. I talked to the students about the importance of art, especially creative thinking, which they will use in whatever career they pursue.
This school really nurtures the students' creative pursuits. It shattered my pre-conceived notions of public schools. The faculty is dedicated to giving these kids the tools and resources to develop their talents. These people are really a treasure, and the students I talked to were precocious, well-spoken and articulate. They asked really intelligent questions, and obliged me in a group photo:
My most sincere thanks to Art Department Chair John Avedisian and School Principal Kevin Sotomayor 
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